Standard Life Investments

Investment policy

UKCP REIT investment objective is to provide ordinary shareholders with an attractive level of income together with the potential for capital and income growth from investing in a diversified UK commercial property portfolio.

UKCP REIT invests in a diversified portfolio of freehold and long leasehold UK commercial properties across geographical areas and sectors. This enables investment risk to be spread across the company. It is focussed on institutional grade income producing assets and currently invests in four distinct commercial property sectors: office, retail, industrial and leisure. UKCP REIT has not set any maximum geographic exposures within the UK or any maximum weighting limits in the principal property sectors. However, no single property shall at the time of acquisition, exceed 15 per cent of gross assets.

It is currently permitted to invest up to 15 per cent of its total assets in indirect property funds including in other listed investment companies. It is permitted to invest cash, held by it for working capital purposes and awaiting investment, in cash deposits, gilts and money market funds.

UKCP REIT invests in commercial properties which the Board and Investment Manager believe will generate income and long term capital growth for its shareholders. Investment decisions are based on a range of metrics including future capital and income growth projections, sector and geographic prospects, yield, lease length, covenant strength and asset management opportunities.

Gearing within the portfolio currently stands at 17.1% (net gearing 10.1%)*, the lowest gearing within UKCP REIT's Guernsey peer group. The blended average interest rate on £250m drawn down, based on current margins, is 2.89%.

The Board notes the requirements of The Criminal Finances Act 2017 and has resolved that UK Commercial Property REIT Limited and all subsidiaries will adopt a zero tolerance approach toward the criminal facilitation of tax evasion.

*Source: Internal as at 31 March 2018